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Hi, I'm DJ Needelman (they/them)

DJ, Dana Joy, Doodle, Danes, DJNeeds. I go by many names but my passion for reconnecting with the cycles of the planet is foundational to all that I do. I have been crying about animals and living with gumption since 1995. My Jewish, Queer and Non-Binary identities guide me in the importance of community, respect of nuances and the art of contemplation. I studied Biological and Medical Anthropology with a minor American Sign Language at University of Washington. After understanding the complexities of living in the Anthropocene, I have committed myself to healing my relationship with the earth and working to create change in how humans tread on the planet. I have been waist deep in a beaver meadow, knee deep in steaming compost, elbow deep in cucumber seeds and heart deep in the messiness of life. I am fervently passionate about innovative restoration, broadening access to food, and connecting from a space of vulnerability. Let us dive into the depths of change.

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